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World Prod Co.,Ltd. was established in 2010. Our team has expert in Air Compressor system industrial. Especially We had selected Air Screw Compressor (SCR – Shanghai Screw Compressor) from China with USA. Technology. Our products have reliable and high quality in China and worldwide the products are exported to many countries around the world.
       We realize in the good quality, best after – sale service and reasonable price. We hope to use our experiences in the air compressor system to supporting all industries correctly at the lowest cost for increase ability in business competition presently.


      World Prod 公司于 2010 年成立于泰国,公司为空压缩系统制造商。整个制造过程均在中国进行,主要生产制造2 种压缩机,分别是采用德国技术的螺杆式空气压缩机(SCR – Shanghai Screw Compressor)以及美国技术的活塞式空气压缩机(Armstrong – Hengda )。本公司压缩机质量保证,现已广泛运用到各个有关行业,同时也远销海外了。


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