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Model M,D Series

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Model : M,D Series    Capacity : 0.85-11.6 m3/min

Technical Parameter     

- Rated Inlet Air Temp.: ≤40℃
- Rated Working Pressure: 0.7Mpa(accept ordering below 45Mpa, usage allowed between 0.4m to 0.95Mpa)
- Pressure Drop:<0.02Mpa
- Pressure Dew Point:-40℃(0.7Mpa)(accept ordering below -60℃)
- Regenerating Method:Regenerating
- Control Method:Full electronic Programmable Time Control
- Consumption of Air:Rated about 13%-15% of the capacity
- Desiccant:Alumina Activated(Alumina activated and molecular sieve below -68℃
- Inlet Air Content:≤0.1m3/m3
- Installation: Indoor, no base, Concrete terrace, ambient temp.>0℃


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